Center of Smart Interfaces: Thermo-Fluids and Combustion Engineering

Smart Interfaces – Thermo-Fluids and Combustion Engineering


About us

The Technische Universität Darmstadt has a strong research focus in the field of Thermo-Fluids and Combustion Engineering. This is especially evident by the numerous collaborative research projects and a long tradition of interdisciplinary exchange. The TU Darmstadt research cluster “Smart Interfaces (CSI)” consolidates these activities. Principal investigators and researchers at the CSI address topics which typically require scientific input from several university institutes. The cluster organization and shared facilities (office and lab space) encourage interdisciplinary research both at the fundamental and application-oriented level.

Promoting innovative, interdisciplinary and application-oriented projects

Innovative and interdisciplinary projects are suported through incubator funding – seed funds, allowing preliminary work to be performed prior to formulating more comprehensive research proposals.

The overall objective of the CSI is to provide an invigorating platform for academic and scientific exchange: Among its members and students and with external partners. This exchange is realized through the organization of seminars, workshops, conferences, ad-hoc-meetings and initiatives to support young scientists.

Application-related research and technology transfer through industry cooperation and in the form of spin-off companies is coordinated by the CSI Competence and Application Center (KASI).

Detailed CSI research profile