Subsonic Flight Platform for Experiments in Realistic Conditions

Subsonic Flight Platform for Experiments in Realistic Conditions

The European research project Plasmaero seeks to demonstrate how surface and arc discharge plasma actuators can be used to influence and control aircraft flows. The consortium is composed of 12 partners from 8 countries. It gathers the key players from the plasma and aerodynamic scientific community of Europe and will last 3 years (Oct. 2009 – Sept. 2012).

To demonstrate the ease of use and installation of plasma actuators a reduced size flight platform will be developed, built and operated. The plane will have high-voltage-generators for the generation of plasma built inside each wing. The HV-generators will be capable of switching between several plasma actuators on each side (e.g.: pressure and suction side, leading edge, etc). Different flow control concepts which will be developed during the project will be integrated and validated under realistic flight conditions.

The payload will consist of a measurement system, to record all available flight data, such as velocity, height and angles. A free programmable control system will be on board which can operate the HV-generators and acquires data from surface hot-films, pressure transducers and gyroscopes.

Further information can be found on the projects website:

The research project has received funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under grant agreement n°234201.