Nano- und Mikrofluidik

Nano- and Microfluidics

Gruppe Juni 2014

Welcome to the pages of the Institute for Nano- and Microfluidics. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions, proposals for co-operations or questions of any kind.

Our main area of work is nano- and microfluidics, which includes fundamental research on transport processes on the nano and micro scale as well as application-oriented studies towards the development of novel microfluidic components. With the latter we target a number of application areas such as Lab-on-a-Chip systems, adaptive microoptical components or microscale energy converters. We attempt to bridge the gap between insight-driven research on the fundamental level and applied research by bringing novel ideas having emerged from the former into the context of practical applications.

Special areas of interest are heat and mass transfer processes on the nano- and microscale, interfacial microflows, mixed photonic-fluidic microsystems, and the interaction of biomolecules with fluidic interfaces. Our work is equally based on theoretical/numerical and on experimental studies, while it heavily relies on a close interaction between these two domains.