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  • 2013/06/01

    June 2013 at the CSI

    High Availability Cluster of Virtual Machines (VMHA) at the CSI. The IT Team is responsible for supplying, enhancing and managing the entire IT infrastructure supporting research and teaching conditions for all CSI users from 8 institutes and groups at 6 sites with far over 200 lab and workstation systems.

    CSI Calendar Image for June

    Marcus Keiner, Michael Kron, Jana Müller, Denis Schinko, Felix Seipp

  • 2013/05/24

    Fundamental Research for New CO2 Capture Technologies

    Oxy-fuel combustion is the process of burning a fuel using pure oxygen instead of air.

    TU Darmstadt takes part in currently funded Collaborative Research Centre “Oxyflame”

    Oxy-fuel combustion is the process of burning a fuel using a mix of oxygen and flue gas instead of air. Researchers from TU Darmstadt take part in a currently DFG-funded Collaborative Research Centre focussing on fundamental research regarding this technology.

  • 2013/05/13

    Lecture by Tadashi Kajiya, 15.05.2013

    “Dynamics of liquid contact line on gels: How the wetting is like on soft and diffusive gel surfaces?”

  • 2013/05/10

    Entwicklungsleiter für die Herstellung von nanofluidischen Separationsmembranen


  • 2013/05/06

    CSI Papers of the Month April 2013

    The following CSI publications are published CSI Papers of the Month April 2013. Congratulations to the authors.

  • 2013/05/02

    Neue Karrierewege nach der Promotion

    Dr. Steven Wagner leitet die UNICO-Gruppe Hochtemperatur Prozessdiagnostik. Bild: Katrin Binner

    An der TU finden universitäre Forschung und industrielle Anwendung zueinander

    Mit einem neuen Modell zur Förderung der Karrierechancen promovierter Ingenieure und Ingenieurinnen hat die TU Darmstadt zwei Nachwuchsgruppen an der Schnittstelle von Forschung und Anwendung gegründet.

  • 2013/05/01

    May 2013 at the CSI

    Direct numerical simulation of droplet collision. Ray tracing rendering.

    CSI Calendar Image for May

    Prof. Dr. Dieter Bothe, Dipl.-Ing. Christian Focke

  • 2013/04/23

    Alexander Duchmann wins AIAA paper award

    Alexander Duchmann - Center of Smart Interfaces

    “2013 AIAA Best Student Paper” for publication on laminar research

    The publication “In-Flight Transition Delay with DBD Plasma Acutators” by Alexander Duchmann et al. has been named as recipient of the “2013 AIAA Best Student Paper” by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). The prize is endowed with 500 Dollars. The paper was presented during the 51st AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting.

  • 2013/04/23

    Lecture by Robert Style, 24.04.13

    “Droplets on squishy surfaces”

  • 2013/04/19

    Ph.D. Position in Experimental Microfluidics