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  • 2012/06/19

    Master- oder Bachelorarbeit (Experimentell)

    Elektrohydrodynamische Energiewandlung mittels Corona-Entladungen an nano-strukturierten Elektroden

  • 2012/06/18

    Cluster of Exzellence 259 not approved for second phase of Excellence Initiative

    The cluster's concept for sustainability now to be adjusted together with the university executives

    The proposal for a second funding period of the Cluster of Excellence 259 “Smart Interfaces – Understanding and Designing Fluid Boundaries” was not approved. This was announced on June 15th by the Joint Commission, consisting of members of the German Research Foundation, the German Council of Science and Humanities and the state and federal ministers for education and research. go

  • 2012/06/12

    New Hangar on August-Euler-Airfield inaugurated

    New construction of hangar offers space for the Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics' experimental aeroplanes

    The Technische Universität Darmstadt has inaugurated a new hangar on the August-Euler-Airfield in Darmstadt-Griesheim on June 12th. The building with an effective area of 1000 sqm offers space for experimental aeroplanes of the Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics and experimental vehicles of the Fachgebiet Fahrzeugtechnik (Automotive Engineering). go

  • 2012/06/12

    For the prevention of air pollution

    Fritz und Margot Faudi Foundation Award for Prof. Dr. Andreas Dreizler

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Dreizler from the department of Mechanical Engineering of the TU Darmstadt is the first awardee of the Fritz and Margot Faudi Foundation Award that has been initiated on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the foundation.

    Dreizler is awarded for his research work on the development of environmentally friendly combustion processes. go

  • 2012/06/11

    Lecture by Professor Ashis Kumar Sen, 15.06.12

    “Microfluidic devices for detection of bacteria and separation/enumeration of microparticles”

  • 2012/06/06

    Insitutue for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics at the ACHEMA 2012

    Time-Shift Technique for Optical Particle Characterization

    The Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics introduces a new optical counting technique for the measurement of size, velocity and refractive index of solid particles and drops. go

  • 2012/06/04

    CSI Papers of the Month May 2012

    The following CSI publications are published CSI Papers of the Month May 2012. Congratulations to the authors. go

  • 2012/06/01

    Nukiyama Memorial Award bestowed to Peter Stephan

    First recipient of the award established by the Heat Transfer Society of Japan

    The Nukyama Memorial Award, which was established by the Heat Transfer Society of Japan (HTSJ) is bestowed to Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Stephan for his outstanding contributions in the field of boiling heat transfer. This was announced at the Annual Meeting of the HTSJ in Toyama on May 31, 2012. go

  • 2012/06/01

    June 2012 at the CSI

    CSI Calendar Image for June

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Cameron Tropea, PD Dr.-habil. Ilia Roisman, Selin Manukyan, M.Sc. go

  • 2012/05/10


    Konstruktion und Inbetriebnahme eines effusionsgekühlten Flammrohrsegments an der EKT/RSM Druckbrennkammer