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Welcome to Darmstadt

Darmstadt – City of Science:

This designation, which was granted

in August 1997 with a certificate by the Hessian Ministry of the

Interior, recognises the national and international importance

of the city in the areas of science and research.

The city has an exceptionally fortunate location in the middle

of Europe. It lies just half an hour away from the international

airport Rhine Main in Frankfurt. As a medium-sized city with

more than 140,000 inhabitants, it offers 120,000 jobs –

a remarkably favourable ratio.

The city is the economical and cultural centre of the southern

Rhine Main area. Whether education, leisure, culture, shopping

or sport – discover Darmstadt as a friendly medium-sized

city in the Rhine Main Neckar area. This brochure offers a first

impression and bundles addresses, information and tips worth


Welcome to Darmstadt

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